Support FAQ

There are two options to making each video live:

  1. Embed
    Using the embed code on your website allows the video to be played right on the page.  This is ideal and gives you the most visibility.  It also boosts SEO search rankings for the web page that has the video on it.
  1. Link
    Using the link in your marketing materials provides you with the most flexibility. Use the link in social posts, and your video will be “attached” to the post.

Here’s what to do

Once you’re logged into your client portal account, navigate to the Video Starter icon intro page and click each of the green buttons to the left to see the selection of videos by topic. You can play them and see exactly what you are getting.  Chose the one(s) that work best for you and decide where you want to use them.

Here’s a tip: Use the longer videos on your website and the shorter videos in your social media. The length of each video is posted next to it to make it easy for you.

Then copy to your clipboard either the embed code or the link next to the video. Paste it in the place where you want the video to show up.

  • On a web page: Paste the embed code in the body section of the HTML code where you want the video to show up. If you’re not familiar with HTML, please send the code to your webmaster to implement.
  • In social media: Add the link to any social media post and publish the post. The video will appear when your post is published.

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